Getting There
A Guide to Rides in Eastern Maine Hancock II Washington II Penobscot II Piscataquis II Waldo Counties

Are you pumping too much of your paycheck
into your gas tank?

Are oil prices ruining your family budget?

Are you or someone you know looking for a ride?

Can you help out a community member
by giving them a ride in your car?

GETTING THERE helps Eastern Maine residents come up with their own transportation solutions. This web site can help you find a ride for yourself or a family member, and it may give you an opportunity to help out a neighbor.

Commute   Trip

One-way Commute Length in Miles:
Car's Gas Mileage (MPG):
Price of Gas:
Days Commuted per Week

$ per trip

$ per day

$ per week

$ per month (average)

$ per year (50 weeks)

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GO MAINE Use Maine’s statewide ride match system for work, college and one-time trips. get started
Neighborhood Ride Board Use the ride board for rides for veterans, seniors, cancer care, church and more. get started