Getting There
A Guide to Rides in Eastern Maine Hancock II Washington II Penobscot II Piscataquis II Waldo Counties
shared rides
How does Here are three examples.


Tom lives in Salisbury Cove, about six miles from the Bar Harbor solid waste transfer station. As he is loading his pickup truck one Saturday morning, he sends a group text message to four neighbors.

"Heading to the dump in 20 minutes. 2/2"

His neighbor Bob receives this message and hits reply. Bob texts:

"I have a few bags of trash for you. Thanks."

Tom pulls into Bob's driveway, picks up the bags of trash and a pair of one-dollar bills, saving Bob a 12-mile round trip.


Betty lives in South Gouldsboro. She receives a group text message from her neighbor Charlie. Charlie says:

"Leaving now for Winter Harbor IGA. 3/2."

Betty replies:

"Half-gallon of milk and a dozen eggs. Thanks."

Charlie texts from the checkout line:

"Your items $6.58."

Betty puts $9 in her F.A.R.E. box with a note that says: "Thanks, Charlie. Keep the change."

Charlie drops off Betty's grocery items and picks up his money, saving Betty a trip to town.


Sam lives on Oak Point in Trenton. Tomorrow he has errands in Bar Harbor. He knows that his neighbor Hal commutes every day to Jackson Lab. He scrolls through his cellphone contacts until he comes to:


He understands what this means: Hal offers rides from Trenton to Bar Harbor Monday through Friday, leaving Trenton at 7:00 a.m. and departing Bar Harbor at 3:30 p.m. Riders contribute $5 to help cover the cost of the ride.

Sam selects the cellphone number associated with this contact and sends a text message to Hal:

"Ride to Bar Harbor tomorrow, 1/14/14? End of my driveway at 7a."

Hal texts back:

"Pick you up at 7."