Getting There
A Guide to Rides in Eastern Maine Hancock II Washington II Penobscot II Piscataquis II Waldo Counties
about us

In February of 2013, Eastern Maine Development Corporation completed a transportation study funded by the Federal Transit Administration. The title of the study was "Linking the Rural Regions of Four Maine Counties to Enhance Transportation Options and Improve the Quality of Life." The project’s Advisory Group recommended that regional partners create a Transportation Management Association (TMA) for the rural counties of Eastern Maine. The TMA will increase awareness of transportation solutions and challenges; maintain a listing of transportation resources; and manage the GETTING THERE website to connect people with transportation solutions.

Mission Statement

GETTING THERE is a diverse partnership whose mission is to provide the residents of Eastern Maine with information and resources to improve their mobility by putting together their own affordable transportation solutions.


Because many Eastern Maine residents are unlikely to sign up for government-sponsored programs, and because public funding is limited, the organization emphasizes strategies that take advantage of existing behavior patterns and that minimize the need for taxpayer dollars.

GETTING THERE recognizes that Maine residents already share car rides with friends and family members, and that this behavior could be expanded to include others who are looking for a ride. The organization promotes strategies that reinforce community ties, and that provide Eastern Maine residents with an opportunity to help their neighbors. Resources include interactive community ride boards, regional access to Maine’s statewide ride-matching service, and assistance with setting up private neighborhood cellphone networks.

The organization also provides easy-to-use comprehensive information about available transportation services, including intercity bus lines, local and regional transit, door-to-door programs for senior citizens and people with special needs, local and church-based volunteer programs, and for-profit taxi services.

In addition, GETTING THERE works toward implementation of commuter and midday bus services, and expanded park and ride facilities.

Partners include employers, health care providers, colleges and universities, charitable institutions, municipalities, state government, transportation providers, and concerned citizens.